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Doctor...Who? by iPodluigi505 Doctor...Who? :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 8
Bubbleverse: Prologue - Fireworks
The fireworks illuminated the night sky. The blonde-haired girl, no older than 10 years old, stared at the sky in awe as she watched the rhapsody of colour as it exploded in the sky, and then slowly die away once more, swallowed by the night. Tonight was the night of Reset, the end of a year, and the start of the next. The cold night air pinched gently at her skin, pulling the hair on her body up into erect positions, as her body tried to maintain heat. She was stood up to her ankles in snow in the park near from the orphanage in which she lived, her boots shielding her feet and lower legs from the cold, white surroundings. The trees of the park were bare, having been maliciously stripped of their leaves by the Autumn months ago. She looked about her, and saw a man huddled on a bench. He was sat atop the bench, but was curled up into the fetal position, shivering with the cold. The cold metal probably didn't help either.
"Hello?" She asked, and the man turned his head to face
:iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 4 0
The Human-Ixst
"Sometimes, the best way to hunt your prey is to become one with it. Learn its ways and understand its soul.
And become it I did. But now I’m terrified of that monster that dwells inside me, at the back of my mind, sowing the seeds of paranoia that have taken root and poisoned my mind.
I’m becoming the very thing I was hunting, and I’m not sure whether to be pleased or terrified.
               - Sapphis Burshvin
:iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 0
Reincarnation by iPodluigi505 Reincarnation :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 15 3 Gemstones by iPodluigi505 Gemstones :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 2 Muffins by iPodluigi505 Muffins :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 2 Wubstep by iPodluigi505 Wubstep :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 3
The Search For Myself - Prologue
“I don’t remember much. Only waking up in that forest. Everything prior is nowhere to be found. It’s not even like I have a blurry memory. It’s like I legitimately lost all my memories, like a hard-drive being wiped of all its data. In fact, the only links I even have to my past are this ‘fez’, as it’s apparently called, and this pocket watch. But what good are those, when I have nothing else to go on? No-one here even knew my name when I first arrived. I rocked into town, a stranger with no name, no past, no clue. And for the longest while, people avoided me. I’ll tell you, rumours can form and spread fast. The disease of gossip is VERY contagious; I noticed that in the first few days. Whispers are the messengers who sneak about delivering these poisonous pieces of information to the next client. And like any message, you can intercept them and read without being noticed. Good hearing is the key. But nothing good comes from it. You just
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Love by iPodluigi505 Love :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 0 Discovery by iPodluigi505 Discovery :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 2 2 Sun and Moon by iPodluigi505 Sun and Moon :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 2 2 Chaos by iPodluigi505 Chaos :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 4 Honesty by iPodluigi505 Honesty :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 8 6 Generosity by iPodluigi505 Generosity :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 11 0 Kindness by iPodluigi505 Kindness :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 4 Loyalty by iPodluigi505 Loyalty :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 27 2
Home to my various stories and miscellaneous junk!

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I really like this picture, partly because of how professional I think it looks. You've chosen a nice pose for her, which goes nicely w...


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So tomorrow I'm moving house.
Leaving Witney and heading back to shitty Carterton (I was SO glad to leave two years ago, and now we're gonna be straight back into it).

Honestly, I'm feeling a bit disconnected from the world at the moment. Kinda feel like things are progressing on and I'm just sat watching it pass by.


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United Kingdom
When I'm not busy attending my studies at 6th Form, doing homework or at work, I'm usually playing videogames, watching TV or writing. Sometimes, I even do all three at the same time. And sometimes I just sit on dA idly. Either way, feel free to browse my work, and check out the linked users below; they're all people who make my life that bit more enjoyable.

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