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Doctor...Who? by iPodluigi505 Doctor...Who? :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 8
Bubbleverse: Prologue - Fireworks
The fireworks illuminated the night sky. The blonde-haired girl, no older than 10 years old, stared at the sky in awe as she watched the rhapsody of colour as it exploded in the sky, and then slowly die away once more, swallowed by the night. Tonight was the night of Reset, the end of a year, and the start of the next. The cold night air pinched gently at her skin, pulling the hair on her body up into erect positions, as her body tried to maintain heat. She was stood up to her ankles in snow in the park near from the orphanage in which she lived, her boots shielding her feet and lower legs from the cold, white surroundings. The trees of the park were bare, having been maliciously stripped of their leaves by the Autumn months ago. She looked about her, and saw a man huddled on a bench. He was sat atop the bench, but was curled up into the fetal position, shivering with the cold. The cold metal probably didn't help either.
"Hello?" She asked, and the man turned his head to face
:iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 4 0
The Human-Ixst
"Sometimes, the best way to hunt your prey is to become one with it. Learn its ways and understand its soul.
And become it I did. But now I’m terrified of that monster that dwells inside me, at the back of my mind, sowing the seeds of paranoia that have taken root and poisoned my mind.
I’m becoming the very thing I was hunting, and I’m not sure whether to be pleased or terrified.
               - Sapphis Burshvin
:iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 0
Reincarnation by iPodluigi505 Reincarnation :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 15 3 Gemstones by iPodluigi505 Gemstones :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 2 Muffins by iPodluigi505 Muffins :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 2 Wubstep by iPodluigi505 Wubstep :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 3
The Search For Myself - Prologue
“I don’t remember much. Only waking up in that forest. Everything prior is nowhere to be found. It’s not even like I have a blurry memory. It’s like I legitimately lost all my memories, like a hard-drive being wiped of all its data. In fact, the only links I even have to my past are this ‘fez’, as it’s apparently called, and this pocket watch. But what good are those, when I have nothing else to go on? No-one here even knew my name when I first arrived. I rocked into town, a stranger with no name, no past, no clue. And for the longest while, people avoided me. I’ll tell you, rumours can form and spread fast. The disease of gossip is VERY contagious; I noticed that in the first few days. Whispers are the messengers who sneak about delivering these poisonous pieces of information to the next client. And like any message, you can intercept them and read without being noticed. Good hearing is the key. But nothing good comes from it. You just
:iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 0
Love by iPodluigi505 Love :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 0 Discovery by iPodluigi505 Discovery :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 2 2 Sun and Moon by iPodluigi505 Sun and Moon :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 2 2 Chaos by iPodluigi505 Chaos :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 0 4 Honesty by iPodluigi505 Honesty :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 8 6 Generosity by iPodluigi505 Generosity :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 11 0 Kindness by iPodluigi505 Kindness :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 1 4 Loyalty by iPodluigi505 Loyalty :iconipodluigi505:iPodluigi505 27 2
Home to my various stories and miscellaneous junk!

If you enjoy my storylines, you may wanna check out the work of :iconfinalpheonixrising: and :iconrabidskitty:, since their significantly better work links to mine!

Random Favourites

Puppeteer Interludes
He held his hand out, as though to each finger was tied a string, and to each string was tied part of a puppet. He lifted his had slowly, as though fighting to drag it through water, then slowly relaxed it downwards again, as thought the water was pushing down. He smiled to himself. This was going to work out well for him after all...
He saw the string in his mind fall away from his fingers, as one by one they were cut. Only two, no, one, remained. And it was the thinnest. It would be hard to re-build from here. hard, but not impossible. He resigned himself back to his work. He would have to start again from here...
His strings once again snapped taught, but this time they held, he would see his masterpiece come together yet. He pulled all the strings violently at once, he could practically hear the screams of war from inside his bubble. But then, even though he was millions of miles away from them, he was also right next to them in v
:iconfinalpheonixrising:FinalPheonixRising 0 18
The Four Guardians.
It was starting. "Watch out!" He heard someone yell, "This storm is going to be rough!"
The ship swayed side to side, it would be very rough indeed.
"We call it a Cloudburst, but one on this scale only happens once every few years!!!"
All balance failed, as the wood and metal was heaved to one side. Why was it that he was struck by the thought that Cloudburst was going to be something very important in his future?

The rain of a thousand tears streams over a world of water, and in this shower of sorrow, a miracle happens, a single raindrop hits seemingly stillborn child, which raises it's head, and coughs. The doctors are amazed. The priests declare it an act of God. The parents are just happy to have a living, breathing child. Nineteen years later, this seemingly small miracle changes history forever...
"Look!!! To the sky, up there! There is the salvation you have been waiting for! There, not this mad desert raider, who has lost his wits to
:iconfinalpheonixrising:FinalPheonixRising 1 19
Pokemon fight by Tenshi-no-Hikari Pokemon fight :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 10,509 1,365 Snowy Breeze by RayCrystal Snowy Breeze :iconraycrystal:RayCrystal 453 59 Aurora by Orikon Aurora :iconorikon:Orikon 295 38 Lucky Star by Chronicle-l Lucky Star :iconchronicle-l:Chronicle-l 225 22
Random OC interview
Pick ten of your original characters.
1) Jack (Human, lightning wielder)
2) Charlotte (Future "clone" of Jack)
3) Ciyn-fia (Random Cythiron (originally spelt Sappiron): a rather cuddly 3-eyed alien species well known for being both physically and mentally incapable of harming another sentient being, they reincarnate themselves every 100 years)
4) Lucy (Human, doesn't age, aggressive, lava wielder)
5) Anubis (Member of the Wylfen (originally spelt Wolven but renamed to prevent confusion with a friend's race), bio-engineer, winged, wolf-like, electrical generation muscles, humanoid, taloned paws, etc.)
6) Paladin Katherine Black (Cat-person, knight, light magic, never removes armour, honourable, possessive over her sword)
7) Sylvos'  (Member of the Salvak race: an alien thief/pirate race that dedicate themselves to the "salvaging and sharing of technology")
8) Fenir (Member of the future Wylfen: Four eyes, combat ready, more resilient and salvaged tech only)
9) The Exile (Last
:iconrabidskitty:RabidSkitty 1 29
The Great OC Quiz
Choose 10 of your OCs. Then, make them go through torture until their demise (not really).
1. Will (Looks Human, isn't entirely. 'Soul' of Fire. Jess' twin brother.)
2. Jess (Looks Human, isn't entirely. 'Soul' of Water. Will's twin sister.)
3. Talshar (Stalker. 'Soul' of Air. cal T'et's 'Wife'.)
4. Cephelon (Made of light. 'Soul' of Earth. Not from the same dimension as the others.)
5. Kate (Totally Human. 'Soul' of Lava. Angered very easily.)
6. Hallek (En-22T. 'Soul' of Ice. Very militaristic. Rather plain and businesslike.)
7. Cal T'et (Stalker. 'Soul' of Lighting. Talshar's 'Husband'.)
8. Helen (Totally Human. 'Soul' of Nature. VERY physically strong.)
9. 'S.' (Totally Human. Intelligent. Not strong or magical. Good with most sort of technology. Has a 'Mech'.)
10. Mavaia (Totally Human. VERY physically strong. Wields several Elements weakly.)
1.) 8 is in a lair where twenty vampires are lurking. He/she doesn't know how he/she got there, but he/she must occupy those vampires, so he
:iconfinalpheonixrising:FinalPheonixRising 1 12
Big Time Rush- Kendall's story by totaldramakupo735 Big Time Rush- Kendall's story :icontotaldramakupo735:totaldramakupo735 2 4
Pick ten of your original characters.
1) Will (Looks Human, isn't entirely. 'Soul' of Fire. Jess' twin brother.)
2) Jess (Looks Human, isn't entirely. 'Soul' of Water. Will's twin sister.)
3) Talshar (Stalker. 'Soul' of Air. cal T'et's 'Wife'.)
4) Cephelon (Made of light. 'Soul' of Earth. Not from the same dimension as the others.)
5) Kate (Totally Human. 'Soul' of Lava. Angered very easily.)
6) Hallek (En-22T. 'Soul' of Ice. Very militaristic. Rather plain and businesslike.)
7) Cal T'et (Stalker. 'Soul' of Lighting. Talshar's 'Husband'.)
8) Helen (Totally Human. 'Soul' of Nature. VERY physically strong.)
9) Naowa (Dead Human. Necromancer. Strange attitude.)
10) Doe'argid ('Pilot' of a Monstrocity that he is mentally linked to. Cyborg. Race unknown.)
1. 1,3,5,6 each want to kill 4. Why?
Will: Well he IS made of light...
Hallek: And our worst enemies are made of light...
Talshar: And he is one of their people.
Kate: Who killed billions of our races in several great and terrible wars...
:iconfinalpheonixrising:FinalPheonixRising 1 16
You were born with a chip on your shoulder;
Fire in your eyes
and a soul made of ice
and your heart is in a vice-like grip full of hate.
You spend every day seeking revenge
but tell me where does it end?
You spend every night lying awake
Planning your next move.
Well it's yours to make.
And every shade of black
is like a dagger to you,
slicing through the memories
of everything you haven't got left to lose.
Well tell me what is it worth:
Your life or hers?
You know you're really the only one to blame.
Her love, it didn't kill,
and your hate won't save what's already gone.
:iconstartist27:StArtist27 6 11
Duel by Grzegorzpedrycz Duel :icongrzegorzpedrycz:Grzegorzpedrycz 8 1 Various demotivational posters by ShadowUltimatePower Various demotivational posters :iconshadowultimatepower:ShadowUltimatePower 907 66 Okami: End of Carnage by Kaze-Hime Okami: End of Carnage :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 3,109 266 Amaterasu and Shiranui by Firefly-Raye Amaterasu and Shiranui :iconfirefly-raye:Firefly-Raye 247 68 Distortion World by SebasVishno Distortion World :iconsebasvishno:SebasVishno 40 17
Because dA is full of awesome here's a few examples.


I really like this picture, partly because of how professional I think it looks. You've chosen a nice pose for her, which goes nicely w...


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So tomorrow I'm moving house.
Leaving Witney and heading back to shitty Carterton (I was SO glad to leave two years ago, and now we're gonna be straight back into it).

Honestly, I'm feeling a bit disconnected from the world at the moment. Kinda feel like things are progressing on and I'm just sat watching it pass by.


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